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Tell me if this sounds like you...

You’re tired of working day in and day out at a job that feels like it’s maxed out your potential.

You’re ready to start coaching or consulting others on that thing you do oh so well, like YESTERDAY… as soon as you know what to do and where to start, you’re off to the races.

You’ve already started coaching some, and you like it, but you’re spinning your wheels on how to get off the burnout wheel of fortune you constantly seem to be on.

You’re finally thinking seriously about hiring that coach who’s been telling you SHE could single-handedly change your life - but I want to tell you...

Before you hire ANYBODY - first, you need to #coachyadamnself and I can show you how.

Allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is Coach Tish and I am the founder of #CoachYaDamnSelf, my signature program that walks smart women like you through an intuitive 5 phase process that shows you how to:

  • make peace with your past (so it only POSITIVELY affects your pockets from here on out - stories sell!),
  • connect with all the right partners (#freedomrequiresfriends),
  • create your own signature program,
  • and how to low-stress launch your coaching/consulting practice in a way that makes low-stress profits.

And there’s one central theme that links every phase of #coachyadamnself - your daily habits.

Let’s go back to the beginning

It was early 2015 and I was exactly where you probably are now - sick and tired of using my talents for colonizers who could care less about the gifts I was bringing to THEIR table. Can we say #overthem AND #theyfunkyasstable?

Me AND my waist was sick of dinner being Chick Fil’a drive-thru, way too many glasses of either Malbec or Moscato for a weeknight and enough Ben & Jerry’s Pistachio, Pistachio to build pyramids with the empty containers. My life was CLEARLY out of control - but I had no clue. Hell, this was my norm - and being single and living alone, there wasn’t anybody to tell me different.

All this while my weekends were spent frustrated that I had more money than I had the vacation time and energy to really enjoy. To be honest? Here I was in my early-30s, supposedly living the so-called American “dream”, and yet all I could think about was how much my days made me feel like I was living in the movie Groundhog Day - same shit, day in and day out...day after day, after day, after day.

By this point, I’d already quit more stuff than most folks my age had even started - backpacking after a year, graduate degree, 2x PhD drop out - and a few career dips in, then out of both corporate america and the grand ole ivory tower of higher ed.

I desperately needed a fairy Godmother to Sankofa me out of this boring ass, living beneath my calling ass, mediocre ass life I was living...but how Sway?

Ooh - I know! Hire a business coach!

I mean that’s what was all the rage right about now right?

So that’s exactly what I did.

Except...my coach had less education than me. Like a LOT less.

But that’s okay! I mean - she had RESULTS under her belt!

Well she kinda, sorta had results...turns out all my coach’s “results” led both her AND me down this dank, dark and dirty alley they call Burnout Row.

But I’m no quitter! So I hired another one. And another one. And almost another one after that.

And well? Same dead ends. Burnout CIty.

Well damn! This didn’t seem right...

Somebody in the world had to NOT be burning out on their way to a million dollars around here?

There HAD to be a way to learn what I needed, practice my skills and make this coaching ship sail...what was it? And where would I find it?

I’d already been burnt three times by women with no business experience, no formal coaching framework they could share to bee line my success, and no experience working with other Shuri/Okoye/Romunda-type women like myself...that was three damn strikes yo! So hiring yet another coach was the absolute FURTHEST thing from my mind.

What the hell was I gone do?

Of course - that’s when my intuition kicked in and the lightbulb flickered on.

I mean, it shouldn’t be THAT hard right? I was already a certified coach 3x over. I had a therapist. I had a business degree. I’d already had a successful offline business and on top of all that? I actually LOVED marketing...so much so, I was buying the books and hitting up the conferences with the best marketing minds out here. With all I knew, I *should* at the very LEAST be able to coach myself, right?
Well - as it turns out?

I could...and I did!

And check this out - my framework worked out so well, that I now have my own trademark-pending process that led me to drop my dead weight of a boyfriend, not just survive, but THRIVE after a surprise lay off from my dead end job and instead of losing my damn mind after all this? I freaking lost 20 lbs! Whaaaa???

Because of #coachyadamnself, I was NAILING my exercise and clean eating goals - after 10 freaking years of trying everything under the sun - I was rocking out! And actually ENJOYING the process #confusedface

Because of #coachyadamnself, my sweet tooth and emotional eating were both GONE. Poof. Vamoose son of a *#$#@!

Because of #coachyadamnself, not only was I surviving, but I was THRIVING and now, I was living my BEST life - every...damn...day!!!

You mean to tell me all I had to do was create my OWN process and now I was finally trusting myself once and for all, walking in my power and FINALLY letting my intuition be my guide?Yoooo!!! That’s wild as hell! If I hadn’t lived through it - I promise you, I would have NEVER believed something like this was even possible.


I’m legit living the dream life I’ve always wanted - living where I want to live and teaching the same process that led me to:

1. self-publishing my 1st book,

2. building a well-known online coaching brand and

3. creating a low-stress way of launching my coaching practice to women who look like me all over the world.



Well now, I get why I couldn’t find what I needed in all the other coaches I used to see online.

Not a single one of them had the story I had, the built in support system I had, and the unique set of skills and circumstances I’d had.

I HAD to #coachmydamnself - because had I been depending on them for my deliverance, I never woulda made it

And guess what else?

I can now show you how to do the same.


  1. You’re effing brilliant. And that’s not a humble brag - you really DO know your shit. People tell you and compliment you on your natural talents ALL…THE…TIME. Your 30% effort? Is most people’s 80%. (You do tend to deny that you got gifts tho. You ever wonder why that is?)
  2. You’re almost like the Beyoncé in your crew - a born leader and trailblazer. This means among your close circle of friends and family, you’re constantly blazing a new trail, upgrading and introducing them to some new things (even though it seems like you see “other” people doing the same ish ALL the time)…and you often find yourself trying to convince family and friends to come along with you for the ride. They kinda suck tho cuz they usually say no, so you either go at it alone or you just don’t do it.
  3. Your intuition is off the chain. I don’t know why fools even TRY to lie to you because you notice IMMEDIATELY when something seems off or not quite right. It’s like you can smell a lie from a mile away. Sometimes you listen to it, sometimes you don’t - but your intuition is almost ALWAYS on point (when you do choose to listen).

SO -

Are YOU ready to step into your greatness once and for all?

Are you ready for a taste of what the #CoachYaDamnSelf life is all about?

#CoachYaDamnSelf Book

One Coach's Take On Self Reflection, Networking
& Becoming a BadA$$ Entrepreneur


If you're in the business of serving - whether you’re a coach, coach-to-be or some other type of bad a$$ entrepreneur - there’s something in this book for you.

Natisha Willis has offered self-reflection, networking and entrepreneurial support for both coaches and counselors since 2007 through her version of relationship-based marketing, what she calls “friendship based” marketing.

She is the creator of the #CoachYaDamnSelf Challenge and one of the co-founders of the #FreedomFriends Network.

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